Trish found us our new home

I met Trish accidently, by inquiring about a foreclosure and 5 other properties. All properties were listed by separate realtor’s. Trish was the only one who returned my call early the next morning. After she advised me, in a truthful manner about the distressed property, she asked if I would like to look at some other homes in the area. I met her at the first home and she had a customized portfolio for my and my fiance that was customized with a wealth of resources. She was very honest, professional, and polite the first day. I knew she would be my go-to to buy a house. After several houses the first day, to no avail, I arranged another date and time to accommodate my fiance’s schedule. Brooke was very nervous and apprehensive. Trish took this into account before meeting Brooke. At the first showing, Trish made Brooke feel at ease and explained every detail, while assuring Brooke she would make the process as least stressful as possible. I requested the first 7-8 properties and Trish found a few more. It was the last showing of the day that Trish found, which turned out to be a dream home!! Trish made every process easy and definitely earned her money with all the behind the scenes work and a lengthy negotiation process. She was absolutely amazing from start to finish. No pushy sales techniques or BS with Trish. I appreciate the time and energy she took to form a relationship and accommodate our worries, finances, and stress. I cannot say enough for the work realtor’s go through, let alone her dedication to our making sure we were content and pleased with our decision. Trish is low-stress, fun, will do everything she can to make sure her customers are happy 🙂 We enjoyed every moment (ok, well it is still stressful, but she made it worthwhile) and will continue to be friends and recommend Trish to all of our friends and family. She is the definition of service excellence and takes customer service to a level we seldom see these days. Thank You Trish and Glass House Realty!! We have just settled into our new home and love every minute of it. I don’t feel we could have experienced this without Trish.