Sold and bought a home with Trish

The process of selling a home and buying a new one, as exciting as it is, it’s also a very stressful and time consuming process. Though, having Trish Elliott as my realtor, her personal touch, helped me through. I would highly recommend Trish Elliott for anyone looking to sell or buy. Her level of service is one of a kind. From the initial meeting on what I was looking for in a home, to listing my home, to selling my home and buying my new home; every moment she was one step ahead ensuring perfection. You are not only her client, you are a part of her family. She provides that much love in everything that she does. Trish sold my home in four days (wow, here comes the time consuming part – it sold!) and was able to find my new home within the same amount of time. She kept everything organized for me, which in-turn, helped me to juggle a full-time job and raising a son. She is that good! Real Estate is her calling. She was there with me every step of the way. She always puts the needs of her clients first and won’t hesitate to have their backs to ensure her clients are receiving the best service possible. Anyone who may be thinking of selling their home or looking to buy a home (or both) and need an outstanding realtor by their side, Trish is the one you want. Her level of expertize and ability to provide the best service to her clients can’t be matched. Trish was meant to be in this field.